10 People Who Are In 3100, While We Are Yet Living In 2019

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Some people find ways to solve their problems, while some people just sit there whining about it. So, the people in this compilation are the ones who actually did something about the problems which they were facing, and they have made some good inventions that we can use in our daily life too. Here are the people who are in 3100 while we are yet in 2019.

The way to stay fit!

This amazing way to work is the most efficient way to stay fit. Just keep pedalling while you do your work. This might make you lose your fats while you use your brain.

Kids are so smart these days…

This kid is surely from somewhere from the future. He has nothing to do with what others are doing, instead, he is taking his nap in the most efficient way available to him.

No sunburns

If you don’t want your kids to get a sunburn, you may use this trick to make your kids play in the sand, yet stay safe in the shade of the tent.

How insightful!

Who would have thought that a blanket would actually make a good shade while you lay on the beach feeling the sea breeze, yet not getting a sunburn because you are smart!

How to cheat!

This is an epic way to get the chits inside the examination hall. Sorry boys, this trick is only helpful for girls because they usually have long nails. You can try this too but be careful.

where to stack your taco

The next time you are struggling in your car, to keep your taco. Here’s a place you can always rely on to stack your tacos, while on the way.

To charge your phone

When you don’t have a place to keep your phone somewhere safe, you can try this hack. But beware, don’t try this in your house, if there are kids around!

Water bottle for dogs

So, the next time you take your dog for a run. Don’t worry about feeding it with the normal water bottle. This scoop-bottle will help with the task!

When you are too tired

This guy is the laziest, yet has the most innovative way to solve his problem. The next time I am walking with so many bags, I will surely use this trick.


This is an amazing way to get rid of the crums that you don’t want to consume. This person invented a solution that the generations to come will follow. The sieve is quite helpful, to get rid of the crums.

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