The First Man You See Says a Lot about Your Personality

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Our personality says a lot about us, more than we’d like. Do you know everything there is to know about your personality? Have you ever wondered what kind of person you are as opposed to the kind of person you think you are?

Today we have a small, simple and easy test for you. No, you don’t have to answer 10 questions or chose different options. You just have to look at one image and tell us what the first thing that you see is.

The first image is that of a group of male actors, look at the image and tell us which actors face you can make out on first glance. Please be honest and don’t try to change your actor after reading what each actor stands for. The first test will tell you about your masculinity and your nature. But before that let’s take a look at:

1Are you born with a personality?

Are you born with your personality or do you acquire it in life? The answer is a bit of both actually. We inherit some qualities of our parents and gain some through life. Even as children you might have noticed you had some qualities of your parents, maybe you were stubborn or moody and one or both of your parents were the same.

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2 How do we gain or grow our personality?

As we grow up we learn things, we experience things. Every interaction we have in our daily lives somehow affects us. As children we interact with our parents, friends and teachers. In this stage of life we are like clay, soft and can be moulded. How people behave with us, the experiences we have forms our personality.

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3 Can our personalities change?

Yes, even a metal rod can be heated enough to make it bend or change its shape. Our personalities are hardwired into us and can be hard to change them. But where there is a will there is a way so if we truly want we can always change our self.

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4 Why is our personality important?

Our personalities basically are the reason why we behave the way we do. In certain situations we behave a certain way because that’s how our minds have been programmed to be. For some people when bullied stand up and face them in a non violent way while others stat a physical fight, all this depends on our personality.

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5 Masculinity

Take a look at the image below and tell us which actor do you see? Which actor can you positively make out on first glance? Don’t stare too long to find your favourite actor, let it be natural and write down the name of the one you can recognise. This is a test that will tell you a bit about your masculinity.

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George Clooney

If you saw the image and your answer was George Clooney, then you are the kind of person who is effortlessly smooth and attractive. You have the kind of manliness that only exists because of your carefree nature. You are welcoming of others, gentle and warm.

You can show your emotions freely as you don’t care about the image you have or what others think of you . You are the kind of man who knows being a man isn’t about aggression or domination but giving people a sense of warmth and comfort that makes them feel safe and secure when in your company.

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7 Brad Pitt

If at first glance you saw Brad Pitt then this means that you’re the kind of man who is charming, attractive and relaxed. You don’t need to try hard to be impressive or cool with your peers as you have that in spades. You can be cool without a single hint of arrogance.

You have a strong personality but it is never dominating. You are confident and sweet, this makes you irresistible. You are good at winning people’s trust easily because of your disarming personality.

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8 Johnny Depp

If you saw our swashbuckling hero Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp himself, then you are just as weird as the character. You are crazy and out of your mind, but in a good way. You take risks and follow your gut feelings. For some, you can be a bit too much to handle.

You are not bothered by what society has to say, you don’t care about what the people around you think about you. You are your own definition and live your life on your own terms.

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9 Tom Cruise

If you saw Ethan Hunt then you, my good sir, are a spy. All kidding aside you are as creative, smart and active as the character Tom Cruise plays in the Mission Impossible series. You are full of life and the kind of man who is a blast to be around.

You do not see being dominating as a sign of manliness and show your sense of responsibility without hesitation. You are considerate and caring and a good friend to have. You love being yourself and the people around you love and respect you for that.

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10 Ryan Reynolds

Deadpool! You are Deadpool! You are a bag of laughter, sarcastic, witty and funny. You are comfortable with your body and sexuality which makes you a relaxed and not one who cares about their appearance.

You are also a man who is in touch with his feminine side. You are not one to back away from household chores and also one to go on mountain hikes. You can raise a child and fix a car, both to perfection.

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11 Chris Hemsworth

Just like the almighty Thor, you too are courageous, bold and very outspoken. You stand your ground and by your words, no matter the odds. You are reliable as you hold your family together and make true your promises. You are the type of person whose word is his honour.

As a man, you believe a man is defined by what he feels he should do and not what others say he should do. You will always stand up for what is right no matter who is in charge. You handle things with words as you believe that’s how a man should do it. You never engage in mindless brawls.

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12 Hugh Jackman

If you saw Hugh Jackman at first glance then you are a man’s man. You are the type of man who loves his favourite sports team and cracks a cold one with the boys. You live the stereotypical man’s life but in a good way.

You live life in the manliest fashion let it be your car, your hobbies or anything else that you do. You are the type of man who would fight a bear with a glass of beer in one hand and while yelling “This is Sparta!”

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13 Will Smit

If you saw Will Smith then you are the kind of man who is confident, down to earth, smart and smooth as silk. You have a personality that is irresistible and tempting for others. You are prince charming when you talk and can make people swoon behind you.

And that charm is your weapon as you can switch it on and off as the situation demands it. You are not the physically masculine type yet you ooze masculinity with your personality. You walk with a charismatic yet mysterious aura around you.

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