8 Signs That Says She Is In Love With You

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There are many ways to suggest that she is in love with you and she will give you many subtle hints that she is interested in you. We all know it is very confusing to know what a girl is thinking and we don’t know if she has feelings for you or no so here we have listed the points that typically says her actions towards the person she is in love.

Pupils Expand

If a girl is interested in you then she will tend to try every now and then to look at you. When she felt something for you she will express it through her eyes and you will get subtle hints that she is in love with you.

Position Of Her Legs

If she is sitting in a relaxing position with legs towards the outer side then it means she loves and trusts you but if her legs are closed or crossed then she is not comfortable with you.

Sitting Closer

You will get to know by the way she is sitting with you. If she is sitting with you closely then she is hinting she is way more interested in you but if there is a space between you both then it means she is not comfortable.

Subtle Hints

Her expression says it all where she will try to give you some hints with her face that she is interested in you. To impress you she will smile more often and will concentrate on every word you speak.

Her Toes Says It All

Well, if a girl has feelings for you she will keep on twirling her toes because she feels comfortable and relaxed with you. While circling her toes her face will give you more details and her pupil gets dilated.

Check The Way She Behaves

If she is interested in you she will try everything to look perfect even if it means trying to check her clothes now and then so that your attention is all on her.

Looking In The Mirror

She just wants to look best and she knows how to gain your attention. She will linger her eyes everywhere but her eyes will only stay in one place.

Playing With Her Hair

It is not difficult for anyone to notice that if she is interested in you or not. If she is a shy one she will express it through her eyes and smile but if she is open then she will try flirting with you and even touch her hair very often.

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