How to Think Like a Millionaire : 10 Ways Rich People Think Differently

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“The rich understand money flows from ideas, and since ideas are limitless, money is limitless.”
― Steve SieboldHow Rich People Think

We all want to be rich. Money is an essential component to a healthy and happy life. It can buy you time, material stuff and even immense fulfillment if used in a proper way.

What I just said is obvious of course, because we all know that already. The question is “How can you become rich ?”

Well, that’s a good question, but it’s not the most original one you could think of. The real secret to become wealthy is not about the means but the mind. You must understand how rich people actually think.

That’s really how you can become rich yourself. I’m going to give you 10 different ways of thinking between rich people (millionaires) and the poor and middle class. All of them are taken straight from the most popular books written by those who are millionaires themselves (I’ll mention one of them at the end), so get ready and here we go.

1. Rich people think they are worthy of money

In other words, they see it as their right instead of seeing wealth as some sort of dream. Rich people know that they deserve to be rich while most of the poor and middle class think that having a lot of money is a luxury.

If you don’t even think you’re worthy of wealth then how can you even think of being rich ? If you pursue something when you’re feeling that you don’t even deserve it, you’ll never have it.

2. Rich people learn from successful people

They know that they can learn a lot from those who are better than them. they are always ready to pick up new skills and fresh knowledge from others who are richer and more successful.

On the other hand, many people from the poor and middle class resent successful people. They say that rich people are corrupt, they they are scammers or that they diceived people to get rich when in fact that’s just a poor excuse to feel better about themselves because they don’t want to admit that someone is more successful. With that kind of mindset, no wonder that the majority of people aren’t rich.

3. Rich people take charge of their lives

They are not victims. Rich people will never use their circumstances, the economic state, their family or anyone else to justify why they aren’t rich. They always take responsibility for their results in life. They believe that they are the ones responsible for the good or the bad in their life. They believe that they are in charge.

On the other hand people who aren’t rich will constantly complain and play the role of the victim. They have tons of excuses to justify why they’re not rich.

4. Rich people constantly learn and grow

They read a lot. They go to seminars. They meet people. They continuously expand their sphere of knowledge to keep up and earn even more. They are open to new ideas that will make them even richer and open new opportunities for them.

In contrast, poor people think they already know. They refuse to learn anything new or unusual. They think they already know how to make a lot f money so they never even bother to try and understand how money works. This arrogant attitude makes it impossible for them to change anything, so they keep struggling with money forever.

5. Rich people buy assets

An asset is something that generates money. A liability is something that consumes money. For example, if you have a business that generates 5000$ a month, then it’s an asset. If your house eats 5000$ a month, it’s a liability. Your car is a liability. Your job is an asset. Do you get the picture ?

Rich people buy assets like businesses, real estate, stocks and bonds etc. They buy stuff that generates money instead of buying a big Tv, an expensive smartphone or fancy clothes. Rich people understand that you must buy assets in order to make more money and passive income as well. poor people think the only way to make money is by working on an average job.

6. Rich people focus on passive income

Passive income means that money flows without you having to put in an effort to generate it. For example, a store which has employees, a business, a vending machine, or even selling something on amazon is a form of passive income. So why is passive income so important ? simple, it’s scalable and it allows you to free up your time.

Scalable means that you can make it even bigger every time without having a specific limit to where you can grow. For example if you have one retail store and 2 employees, you’ll be able to generate enough income to open a second store and it goes on. So you can earn more as time goes by.

Passive income is awesome because it allows you to do whatever you want while you’re making income.

7. Rich people rely on themselves

It means that they never excpect anything from anyone. Not the government, not family members, not anyone. They have a strong sense of self-reliance and responsibility. They are aware they they are the only one who can change their lives for the better so they take action instead of waiting for a miracle to happen.

8. Rich people take risks

They don’t follow the standard 9–5 job version of life. They prefer to take calculated risks that may make them rich. Anything profitable you can ever think of has a slight risk in it, but that doesn’ mean you should never try.

Starting a business, being self-employed and quitting your job are all risky. But when you think about it, it’s impossible to follow the so-called “safety” and still become rich.

Rich people know what risks to take and how to manage them. The don’t look for safety out of fear and insecurity because they know that it’s just a limiting belief.

9. Rich people don’t let fear take over

If we’re honest, we all see that the majority of people dislike their job. It’s rare to see someone who’s passionate or at least, interested in what he’s doing. Rich people have fears like everyone but the difference is that they don’t let that feeling take over and dictate the way they live.

10. Rich people work for themselves

Almost every millionaire or rich person out there is either a business owner or self-employed. In other words, they work for themselves. They are well-aware that if they keep working on a regular job, it’s not going to take them anywhere so they become experts in their respective fields and then offer their products or services.

For example example a retail store owner, someone who rents a piece of real estate or an owner of a construction company are all business owners. Self-employed individuals include lawyers, financial consultants, marketing experts and even recently online freelancers.

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