24 Difficult Puzzles And Questions That Most People Cannot Answer

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Our brain needs exercise too. These difficult puzzles are food for the brain. Do you believe that you can solve them all?

Let us bamboozle the brains a little with these 24 difficult puzzles.

1. Shake your brain a little and answer who can be the two travelers prohibited sitting in the same row during the journey according to International Air Transport Association (IATA)? Waiting for the answer!

Do not stress your brain so much, because cats and dogs are not allowed to sit in the same row.

2. The next question is for a bus, in a vacant bus 3-4 women get up and sit on the last seats. Guess the reason?

Geographically speaking, it is a rule in Iran about Children and women.

3. Church-bell ringing on their own- 1445 and 1802 in Moscow, 1091 in Kiev. Which one is related to ‘doomsday’?

If you have the answer, let me remind you about one of the natural phenomena- Earthquake.

4. This is something which comes into your life very easily but leaves you after a long time.

If you haven’t found it yet, it is TROUBLE.

5. Well, it can fly and cry without having the body parts needed for it.

Think a bit higher, its Cloud.

6. Go back in time when tail docking of dogs was in vogue in Europe. Can you tell me why?

Well, it is all about money since tail lengths were proportionate to tax.

7. It’s a picture of 6 glasses 3 filled and 3 empty. You are allowed to choose one glass to make an alternative order.

Well, you just need to take the 2nd glass and empty its juice into a 5th glass.

8. Iceland sells a product in huge quantity during New Year. Let us test your marketing knowledge.

It is fireworks.

9. A 10ft rope ladder is hanging with it bottom rung touching water. If each rung is a foot and tide covers 6 inches each hour then how much time it will take to cover 3 rungs?

Not Ever since tide lifts up the boat.

10. A guy dressed in full black is not unnoticed by a big car. How?

The sun was up.

11. Truck driver even after breaking the rules by going on a wrong side is not arrested, how?

The driver was walking.

12. A shortest Oregon US river holds the shortest name starting with “D”, guess.

It is River D.

13. During WW-II when doctors ran out of medicine they used water. Guess what the water was?

It’s the sea water.

14. If you are given 3 pills to take every half an hour, how much time is required to complete the process?

It is an hour. 1 for now, after 30 minutes one and then another after 30 more minutes.

15. A crashed airplane falls on between the borders of USA and Canada, choose the burial place for survivals.

Do we bury survivors?

16. How many apples left if 4 is taken away from a bowl of 6?

The answer is 4 as you took 4.

17. With only one matchstick and a dark room with paper, wood and oil lamp what are you going to light?

The Match.

18. Mr. Jones has a pink bungalow with pink carpets and pink furniture. Mention the staircase color.

Bungalows don’t have staircases.

19. Earth is putting on weight. What is it?

Cosmic dust, it is ok if you didn’t know.

18. African Tribal people tied insects in pockets on their legs while going for shooting in the night-time. Reason?

Those are Fireflies which guide them.

21. Even after kicking a football on a 10ft distance it comes back quickly. How?

Gravity, since the football is up in the air.

22. Never breaks after falling, never falls after breaking.

It is Night and Day.

23. Which month has 28 days?

All the months have.

24. Columbia in 1945 had the rule to examine a dead chicken. Why?

To find hidden emeralds.

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