20 Tips That Will Change Your Perspective On Ordinary Things

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We have been blessed with the knowledge from our previous generations which they have gained through experiments and experience over the years. Remember grandma’s special medicine that she gave you when you had a sore throat? Or Aunt May’s special meatball recipe?

Well, these 20 incredible life tips provide an easy solution to complicated problems. And after knowing these, you will also have a chance to pass along your secrets to the next generation.

We present the top 20 useful tips that will surely smooth over those tedious everyday problems.

#20 Make meat even tastier


Minced meat can be used to make a wide range of tasty meals. But if the meat is marinated while it’s in the fridge, it will taste even better.

#19 Get rid of a sore throat


Drinking hot milk with cardamom will reduce any inflammation and soreness in your throat. Just a cup of it will improve your throat significantly.

#18 Easily start a fire


Use potato chips if you need to light a campfire fast. They burn easily and better than any lighter fluid and even work when the firewood is damp.

#17 Calm your nerves quickly


Press down on the area of skin between your nose and your lips. Use your thumb and hold it for 3 seconds. This is an easy way to calm yourself even if you are having a nervous breakdown.

#16 Boil potatoes quickly


Add a little butter to the saucepan when boiling potatoes. They will boil quickly and save a lot of time.

#15 Check for fresh eggs


Drop your eggs into a pot full of cold water. If the egg sinks to the bottom, it’s fresh. The ones that float have gone bad.

#14 Substitute eggs for bananas in baking


You can use bananas instead of eggs when making dough for cookies or a pie. Exact measurements may vary but in general, half-a-banana equals one egg.

#13 Remove glue stains from glasses


Household vegetable oil can be used to remove glue stains from glasses. Just smear oil on the area and leave it for 10 minutes. Then just wipe it off with a paper towel.

#12 Quickly boil beans and pulses


Usually, beans, peas, and pulses need to be soaked in water beforehand to boil properly. If you have missed that, then start boiling them in unsalted water and add a tablespoon of cold water every 7-10 minutes. They will be ready in no time.

#11 Get rid of ink and paint stains on clothes


Use Acetone on the affected area and rub it with the spirit of hartshorn. Simple!

#10 Make use of a cracked egg


Don’t throw away a cracked egg. Just boil the egg like you normally do and use it on salads and sandwiches.

#9 Dry your footwear quickly


Salt can absorb a lot of moisture. Sprinkle salt inside a sock and put it inside the wet shoe. If the shoe is still moist, then put in a new sock.

#8 Boil milk faster


Want piping hot milk for your tea or coffee or cereal? Just add a spoon of sugar and the milk will boil faster.

#7 simple way to grate cheese


Smear some vegetable oil before grating the cheese. This way the cheese won’t get stuck together and the grater is easy to wash after use.

#6 Get rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen


Getting rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen is easy. Just heat one tablespoon of vinegar in a frying pan and wait until it evaporates.

#5 Rejuvenate dried out lemons


Leave the dried out lemon in a bowl of water to restore it to its previous degree of freshness.

#4 Break in new shoes


Start by wearing some thick socks and putting on the new shoes. Then heat the shoes with your hair dryer for 10 minutes. You shouldn’t feel any discomfort while wearing those shoes again.

#3 Get rid of headaches quickly


Sudden headaches are annoying no matter when they happen.. However, you can quickly get rid of a headache by rubbing a slice of lemon on your forehead. The aroma of the citrus fruit can really help you to calm down.

#2 Easily pick up broken glass


Broken glass is dangerous and can cause serious injury. Easily gather up the smallest bit of broken glass by using plasticine.

#1 Get rid of scratches on your smartphone

Smartphone screens can get scratched up very easily if you don’t protect it with a screen protector. Alternatively, you can put toothpaste on a cloth and carefully rub onto any scratches to remove them.

Do you know any life hacks? Share with us!


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