7 Tricks To Completely Blow Off Your Teacher’s Mind

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Use these simple tricks and blow off your teacher’s and friend’s mind…

Mathematics and logical calculations have been a boring or the toughest subject for many, but in reality, it is not. Believe me because today I am here to present you some of the most intriguing logical facts. These amazing tricks will surely make you tilt your head and wonder how they can be possible.

Guess Your Age Trick
Asking about someone’s age has always been a pointless question if the opposite person doesn’t give you a straight reply. So to avoid those embarrassing moments, follow this simple trick to find out someone’s age. Ask them to multiply their age by 5, and then add 8 to the resultant number. Ask them to multiply the resultant by 2, subtract 6 from the result and multiply it then by 10. Finally, whatever the number they have got ask them to simply subtract 100 and divide by 100. You will find their correct age.

Reading Someone’s Mind
If you really want to read someone’s mind, then ask them to think of a number between 1-20! Tell them to add 5 to it and multiply the resultant by 3. Then ask them to subtract 15 from the resultant number. Divide the final number the other person ends up with by 3 and you’ll get the number they’ve been thinking.

Predict A Number
Write down a 6-digit number and ask your friend to do the same under it. Repeat this step one more time and as your friend to do the same. Again write one more six digit number beneath it yourself and add those digits to get the final result.

To blow someone’s mind, just take a paper from your pocket showing the same number as you have just found.

Now, the question is how to do it? While writing the number beneath the number written by someone else, make sure the resultant is 999999. So, the number will be 2*999999 + the number on the extreme top which you have written. You will be having matching results!

2 + 2 = 5, Is It?
Just follow the simple steps shown in the picture below and you can prove yourself to be the genius.

How To Use Shoes To Work Out Ages
Yes, shoes can be a great deal to tell something about a person. All you need to do is take their shoe size, let’s say it’s 8. Multiply it by 5, you’ll get 40. Then add 50 to it giving you 90. Multiply that final number by 20 which would make it 1800, then add 1014 to it giving you 2814.

Then, ask them to subtract the year they were born in from the final resultant. Like for an example assume it’s 2000, it would give you 814. Then, look closely at the number in the last, the first digit would indicate the shoe size and the last two digits would give the age.

Genius Maths Trick
If you want to multiply a digit by 1, then follow this simple trick. Let’s suppose you want to multiply 24 by 11, all you need to do it add up 2+4 that would give you 6. Put this number between the two digits to get the result, and you will get 264 as the resultant number. And there you have the final answer!

If the addition of the two digits gives you a two digit number, carry over and add it to the first digit to get the result.

Squaring A 2-Digit Numbers
Let’s assume if you want to find the square of 32. First add the last digit (2) to the number itself: 32 + 2 = 34. Multiply the sum by the first digit: 34 × 3 = 102. Square the last digit: 2² = 4. Append that square to the product just computed: 1024.

If the square is a 2-digit number, append its last digit and carry the first digit to the last digit of the product. And you’re done!

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