Here’s What Your Favorite Color Reveals About Your Personality

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You probably have a favorite color, but have you ever stopped to consider why its your fave?

Your favorite might be more than just a visual preference. It might even reveal something you never knew about yourself.

Keep reading to find out what your fave color says about your personality.


If black is your favorite color, chances are that youre a tough one to pin down. Youre rebellious, adventurous and snarky, with an air of mystery about you. People might think youre all gloom and doom, but youre a lot more complex than that.

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If you love the color grey, your life is governed by balance. You always know how to keep your cool, and you remain totally unbiased when you find yourself in the middle of an argument between friends. You enjoy the finer things in life and can be a little big reserved. You dont have the easiest time making up your mind when faced with a tough decision.

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If white is your favorite color, you likely have a bright and sunny disposition. You prefer things to be neat and tidy, disliking clutter or filthy spaces. Youre probably a little bit of a perfectionist, but youre always positive and know how to start every day off on the right foot.

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If you love the color pink, chances are you have a playful nature and are drawn to cute things. Youre overall sweet, outgoing and happy with the general state of things. Theres also another, powerful side to you that only comes out when provoked—but that rarely comes out. You never, ever shy away from hugs.

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If red is your favorite color, youre fiery and energetic and people generally see you as someone with a strong personality. You love wearing the color red because it always makes you the center of attention. Youre excitable and always alert and ready to react to any situation. Red is also the color of love, making you extremely passionate and prone to big crushes.

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Lovers of the color orange are happy-go-lucky, loving the sun and warm days at the beach. Youre very joyful, and that energy propels you through life, allowing you to do anything you set your mind to. The one thing that gets you down is boredom and not having anything to keep you busy. Luckily, youve got a lot of enthusiasm for creative endeavors and know how to keep your hands full.

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If yellow is your favorite color youve got a vibrant, warm personality with boundless energy. Its easy for you to make the people around you happier, which brings you even more joy in turn. You love attention, which isnt a problem because you know exactly how to get it. No matter what youve just been through, youre always up for a workout.

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If you love the color green, youre a born lover of nature. Even when you cant go outside, simply seeing the green of leaves and trees always immediately brightens your mood. Youre kind and sympathetic, always willing to lend an ear and help people get over their woes. You despise waste and always take care not to leave extra work for others when you can do it yourself. Youre a steward of the environment.

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If you simply adore the color turquoise, youre drawn to and governed by the seas. You can be quiet and meek one moment and ferocious the next. Youre also very flexible with the ability to adapt to whatever situations life might throw at you. No two days are precisely the same in your ever-changing life, but youre always prepared to handle them.

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If blue is your favorite color, youre energized and invigorated by clear skies, and you could really live without grey days. Youre a meditative type, always taking deep care of your mind, body and soul. Youre good at keeping calm and level-headed, no matter the situation, and when youre in a bad mood youre just a few deep breaths from getting back to normal.

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If you love the color purple, youre probably quite regal and you love to live it up. Youre not afraid to splurge every once in a while on something that matters to you, but you never go too far overboard. Youve got wisdom beyond your years, and the ambition to match your dreams. You definitely have a romantic viewpoint regarding life.

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If brown is your favorite color, youre totally wholesome and down to earth. You have a strong foundation and others can always rely on you, especially because youre so friendly and approachable. Youre very open and people are drawn to your vibe, which is why you have so many close friends. You know you have them to rely on, too.

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If you love the color silver, you love to be noticed, but only if its for the right reasons. Your style is more refined and elegant, and appearing to others as gaudy is your worst nightmare. You know your way around technology, and you want the gadgets you use, as well as your look, to be polished and sleek. Youre also eloquent, always knowing the right words to say and precisely how to say them.

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If youre all about gold, youve got a big, powerful personality and you dont care who knows it! You love having nice things, and take great care of yourself and your possessions. Youre also very precise, making sure every little detail is perfect in everything you do. You rarely get sick and you tend to succeed in all your endeavors.


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