This Is What The Shape Of Your Lips Says About Your Personality

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Our faces can say a lot about who we are, from our age to our general health. But did you know that certain features can tell you things about your personality?

Face reading expert and author of “The Wisdom of Your Face,” Jean Haner, believes that everyone was born with their features for a reason and that each is linked to a specific part of your personality.

Haner revealed to Cosmopolitan what each lip shape says about your personality, saying, “The most important thing your lips speak to is [what you’re like]in relationships and how giving you are.” What do your lips say about you?

Full Top and Bottom Lips. According to Haner, lip shape is associated with how much one cares about others and for women, the desire to be a mother. With that, those with fuller lips are said to be stronger in these departments.

People with full top and bottom lips tend to be willing to put others before themselves and find joy in doing so. “This person is also someone who wants to have a good circle of friends and a good connection with others,” Haner says. “They really value relationships.”


Thin Top and Bottom Lips. Those with thinner lips aren’t as much of extroverts and are completely okay with being on their own. Thin lips also tend to correlate with a strong sense of independence.

“They don’t naturally speak the language of relationships as well as someone with fuller lips, but it doesn’t mean they’re not good in a relationship,” Haner says about thin-lipped individuals.

Lips with a Peaked Cupid’s Bow. If you have a defined cupid’s bow, Haner says this means that you tend to be a good communicator, are quick-minded, and thrive in creative situations.


“Because they’re so quick-minded, they can also be highly reactive and often not think before speaking,” Haner says about those with peaked cupid’s bows. “Whether what they’re saying is kind or mean-spirited.”


Lips with a Rounded Cupid’s Bow. While those with a peaked cupid’s bow can come off as brash, the opposite is true for those whose cupid’s bow is less refined and rounded.


“This lip shape points to a person who is extra kind,” Haner says. “They’re generally more compassionate, take more time with people, and are considerate of others.”


Lips with an Undefined Cupid’s Bow. If your cupid’s bow lacks definition completely, this could mean that you can be almost too caring and lack emotional boundaries.

“They can be overly giving and be too much of a nurturer and not practice self-care,” says Haner. “They’re often responsible people, but they have to realize it’s not always their job to take care of the problem.”

Lips That Are Plumper In the Center. If your lips are naturally fuller towards the center of your mouth on the upper and lower lip, this means you are someone who enjoys the spotlight.

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“They generally like attention, don’t like to be alone, and can be dramatic in relationships,” says Haner. “The plumpness in the center also can be linked to someone who tends to be more self-indulgent.”


Narrow mouth with full lips. If you have fuller lips, but a small mouth, this means that you take more time to open up and prioritize the other person in a relationship.

“Someone with a small mouth with thin lips, on the other hand, has the hardest time in relationships because they don’t have a strong need for a connection with others,” Haner says.


No Upper Lip with a Normal Lower Lip. Those who have thinner upper lips compared to their lower lip are said to value work and achievement over relationships in their lives.

“They may have difficulty in relationships and they don’t relax very well,” says Haner. “Because to them, life is about getting somewhere. Sixty percent of men have a mouth like this.”


Larger Mouth with Normal to Full Lips. To have a wider smile with normal to fuller lips means that you’re generous and are always thinking of how you can help others.

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“A person with a large mouth and thin lips, on the other hand, isn’t as giving or always thinking about others,” says Haner.

“Goldilocks” Lips. This expression refers to people whose lips aren’t necessarily thick or thin, but average in size without having super refined features. Haner says that these people are “even-kneeled in relationships.”

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Explaining further, she says, “You’ll do just fine and won’t go overboard when it comes to drama or giving too much. You’re not needy or clingy, but you do crave a sense of connection in relationships.”

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