The Mystery Behind Bermuda Triangle Is Finally Solved

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#12 The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle has always been the most talked about amidst the sailors, engineers, scientist and so many other communities. Bermuda Triangle lies in between Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Florida. One of the major reason for its much popularity was the surreptitious way of the disappearance of the boats, ships, planes or anything that ever crossed its area. After 75 known naval and aviation accidents, a number of reasons have surfaced like electromagnetic interference, gulf stream, bad weather, paranormal activities and what not.

Talking about the percentage of disappearances, the number of disappearances reported here are of the same percentage as that of the total number of disappearances around the world.

#11 Stemming of the disappearances

The notice of these disappearances when the military convoys were lost in the area, the very well-known high-profile disappearances.

#10 Time

The time these disappearances started was during the World War I and II. Few beliefs stipulate that the technologies that time weren’t that advanced.

#9 Lesser training

The sailors and the pilots weren’t as trained as they should have been before letting them go in such an area where the weather and electromagnetic radar has its own field of the game.

#8 Reasons

Karl believes that the real reason might be the bad weather and the weak substructure of the boat rather than the paranormal activities which have been stated numerous times.

#7 Depth

Another chilling fact is the frightening depth in a cyclone style in the middle of the ocean.

#6 Situation Today

It is hard to find the planes even today so how is one supposed to find the planes and ships of the 1920’s.

#5 Methane stores

Another theory that comes up is that there is huge storage of Methane which swallows the plane and boats.

#4 Myths

A myth that took so many theories was that Methane was the reason owing to which so many ships were found disappearing.

#3 Proves

There is nothing that can prove and substantiate the existence of Methane Reserves.

#2 More to Go

Karl states that there might be more occurrences of Bermuda Triangle disappearances.

#1 Again, a lot to do

Scientists are adamant in finding the answers to this Bermuda triangle puzzle.

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